We Offer:
*Complete Album Production                                  *Studio Musicians
*Mixing and Remixing                                                *Voice Talent
*Mastering                                                                    *Private Voice Lessons   
*MIDI Programming                                                    *Audio Archiving & Restoration
*Writing, Arranging, and Producing

To Book Studio Time Call: (513) 519-4864

Our Rates and Pricing:
Hourly Rate - $40 per hour (includes Engineer)
Mixing and Editing - $45 per hour (includes Engineer)
Mastering - $300 per 10-song project (or $40 per song)
Transfers - $1 per minute, plus cost of media (CD, DVD, cassette, MD, ADAT, Hard Disk, etc.)

Background Vocalists:
We can add professional background vocals to your project to enhance the quality of your songs. They are quick and efficient with your time, saving you both time and money. The cost is $20 per song per background vocalist.

Vocal Pitch Correction:
Let us fix those slightly flat or sharp notes with vocal pitch correction. We are able to correct any pitch problems a vocalist might have, giving you industry-standard recordings. Pitch correction is $50 per song or $400 for a full project.

We can help you take your creative idea from concept to a finished professional product. If needed, we can line up session musicians or professional background vocalists to come in for your project. From start to finish, your recording experience and quality are second to none!


Original Material:
We have access to the best original material from today's hottest writers in the industry. So if you're looking for the next big hit song, or you have your own lyrics that you need music written to, Cross Connection will make sure that your project contains industry-standard songs at uncompromised quality.

We can transfer sound on any medium (cassette, vinyl, mini-disk, voice recorder, etc.) to CD. This includes digital remastering and "cleaning up" tape hiss and pops, or editing it any way you want.

Private Voice Lessons:
Let us help you reach your full potential as a vocalist. We offer private voice lessons, where you will be coached one-on-one with an experienced vocal coach and producer. Whether you're wanting to increase your range, build vocal stamina, or just improve your pitch, we can help.

Other Services:
We can produce full tracks with professional studio musicians
We can help produce and create vocal arrangements
We also offer live recording packages for your group, choir, or praise team


Cross Connection Studio is a full service recording studio/audio production company located near Cincinnati, Ohio. We offer top quality gear for recording, mixing, mastering, and more. This is the quality you're looking for at a price you can afford!


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